11 days left!

Hello wordpress 11 days left till the end of 2012!!! I must say I am glad that the year is finally coming to the end this has been one of the worst year of my life hahaha would not want to relive it again (except for certain days heh.) Thankfully it’s been a relatively good end to the year (so far but there are still 11 days left to change that hopefully not though). Relationships with people have been slowly mending and things are I think finally starting to fall into place for me right now which I’m incredibly grateful for. Next year is a whole other story though I don’t know what to expect from next year although I think I can safely say that next year isn’t going to be easy at all judging by what I know will already happen but oh well everything happens for a reason I will face it as best as I can. I think I have a lot of people to thank for helping me to make it through this year haha it really was a really trying year from like july onwards.

Started to write my christmas cards to people who I hold dearly to my heart and have been constantly overwhelmed with the amount of gratitude/love that I have for these people hahaha at this rate everyone’s letters will be as long as a composition but really unspeakably grateful to people who stick by you all the time even when they’ve seen you at your worst. Annoyed though that I cannot really seem to put words to what I feel this is times where I think the english language really restricts you but oh well maybe I will use my excellent chinese to convey my feelings then (sense my heavy sarcasm). Also annoyed that I constantly second guess myself and end up editing all my letters maybe the next few that I do I will just write and not reread it and put it in my pretty envelope and seal it and never read it again.

Why am I blogging about all this to you wordpress why.


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