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Escape to Reality


Yet another school shooting has resulted in the loss of innocent lives in America and now questions are being asked: Where was God? Why didn’t God stop this? Why didn’t God protect the lives of those 20 children?

For a grieving parent, these are normal questions. When you have suffered the greatest loss any human can suffer it is perfectly understandable to scream, Why??? Death is awful. It is an enemy. I hate it and God hates it.

I hesitate to write this because many are using this latest tragedy as an opportunity to grandstand and advance their particular causes. We need fewer guns. We need more prayer. We need to turn back to God and stop abortions.

Causes have their place but in a week when families are burying their children, this is not the time. But the questions aren’t going away.  Loud men with agendas are shouting at…

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