Hi everyone!!

I haven’t blogged in almost a month omg hahaha wow sorry @all there readers I see you hahaha (who is viewing my blog from taiwan and russia???) LET”S GO. It might be quite short though because I have a feeling I’ll be quite cryptic and also I am late to go to anais’s house but I just felt like blogging so~

After OP ended we still had lesson and I missed almost all of them because of EXTREMELY VALID reasons 🙂 Went back to school on the 13th ESPECIALLY for this burden girl who has the same wallet as me now~ (13th was also coincidentally the day for #stopyouthgaming2014 HAHA I can’t seem to escape PW)

IMG_5499 IMG_5504

After school stopped I really haven’t been doing much haha besides lazing around~ Thinking back now I literally can’t recall anything I did HAHA. First week of holidays started and I spent 6/7 days of the week with my fav :)) Be it chilling in his house with joel/having simple meals/walking around it was a vvvv nice time and I was immensely happy after that 1 week so tq :)) also idk why my laptop has some problem so my photos from this week are not in my laptop???

Speaking of laptop problems I went to plaza sing 4/7 times in 1 WEEK for my laptop haha first it couldn’t switch on because of some short circuiting because apparently I am not supposed to charge anything with my laptop haha okay oops. Went back again for some software issue SO I HAD TO RESET MY ENTIRE LAPTOP major cry because literally all my stuff disappeared. Thank goodness this happened after PW though I would just cry if I lost all my documents during PW period. Was only truly sad because all my photos were gone because I always kept deleting photos off my phone so that I had more space for apps and stuff haha oh well at least most of them were recoverable somehow but now idk where they went so~ Got to restart building my iTunes and am currently using brothers old phone as an iPod so I am very happy because now I don’t have to delete photos off my phone and I can stop skipping songs while listening because I was too lazy to delete them ^^

Went for SL project over the weekend and it was nothing short of rewarding :)) Won’t post too much about it for privacy purposes but I want to be reminded of how much I learnt from it next time when I am old and scrolling through my old blog posts heh

Started doing work yesterday after 2 weeks of slacking and I must say that it is actually a very very good feeling to be using my brain again haha integration is shit but at least I finished the tutorial having not listened to a single lecture for this topic!!!

I really do think I’m absolutely done with dance hahaha snapchatted Brian during one of the dance sessions and I told him I was v sian and he told me to quit and I was seriously contemplating it for a while BUT being CCA-less really isn’t a good thing and I do really love dancing. I don’t understand why everything I do is wrong though and whatever things I say/things I do or don’t say or don’t do I get chastised??? Absolutely done now I’m just going to be passive and after a while you can’t really pick fault with a passive person can you??? Idk la but if any of you are reading this (idek if you do) just know that I’m done and you can come talk to me about it if you want but nothing you say can make me change my mind haha.

That’s it for today I guessssss time to go stay over at anais’s place with the badminton team heheheh I miss having a good supportive team SO MUCH can’t wait to go!!!!!!

Also major pet peeve for now is when people write and sound SO PRETENTIOUS like they try and use big words with absolutely no context??? Stop being so fake urgh



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