Wow it’s been so long since I updated I legit had to go and read my previous blog post to remember what happened the last time I blogged hahaha. It’s been pretty free the past month which is probably why I haven’t been blogging; because I have been too lazy what with all the shows to watch and going out and PW~ No more excuses let’s goooo (literally scrolling through my phone photos to remember what has happened LOL)

O Levels started like 2 weeks ago so 3 weeks ago I went to pay athalia a visit in church with some Starbucks! If you are reading this babe all the best for the remaining papers!!!! I think knowing someone’s love language and doing things in line with that as opposed to doing other things outside of their love language is a lot better so I am slowly trying to figure out people’s love languages~


GRADUATION!! J2s graduated and it wasn’t really significant though because there aren’t (m)any seniors that I’m close to~ Made me miss Cedar a lot though, thinking about last years graduation and also thinking of all the traditions that came with it like letter writing and gift giving as opposed to the nothing here~


Dance started again!!!! Was very excited to finally be using a proper studio and to be learning new choreo and definitely wasn’t disappointed~ Hadn’t exercised in eons but it was still good; I think dance is one of my favourite forms of exercise because it’s one of the only ones that get me tired without me thinking about being tired, and you can’t just stop dancing when you are tired you need to finish the choreo of the whole song heh. Weekly lunches with Hazell have been good too, am very very thankful to at least have a friend in dance that makes it less unbearable~


Meet the parents HAHAHA it was very awkward for me because I am naturally awkward but it was also very nice am very glad to finally start this, makes it feel like we are progressing (not that I didn’t feel that we were progressing just that this feels more real now idk am I even making sense). Spent the entire next day w you too can’t think of any other way I’d like to spend my day heh

IMG_5176 IMG_5183

OP OVER!!!!!! I can’t believe PW is already over that means this year is coming to an end really really soon and it feels unreal haha I still remember sitting in the lecture when I first heard about PW and taking eons to start my first draft of my PI~ This journey has been the furthest thing from smooth (at least for me), and has been an extremely extremely tiring time, but at least I made it and I didn’t give up which is what I normally would have done so props to me for finally having matured!! After tanking everything idk I (expected?) hoped for acknowledgement for all the things that I’ve done for the group (and if I’m being completely honest it is more than all in the group) but I was disappointed (what is new). I will get over it la but still after having put in so much effort it kinda sucks to not be appreciated for your work. This is life just suck it up ahaha


Walked freaking 8km this morning for walk for rice haha it was just very sian because we were all complaining about walking and the sun and everything the entire way so the walk felt longer than it was hahaha.


What is the point of putting in so much effort in something for one entire year for it just to fail miserably time after time. Have tried the entire year (albeit not always with my 100%) to get everyone to get along with each other but here we are almost one year later with progress but exclusive progress. I am absolutely done trying it’s not like any of you make a difference to my school life and if you want it to continue being that way then so be it.

Everyone has their limit and I have reached mine. I know what I said and it sucks not to be able to keep my word but this is too much I can’t do this.


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