I’m finally back blogging after saying for the past week that I was gonna blog hahaha. Oops. If you are new to my wordpress (where have you been) then you should know that I will blog about my week(s) in the first few para  followed by many photos and then talk very vaguely about issues that have been bugging me and a final note probably promoting myself, so read whatever you want~~ (I’m so structured in the way I blog I don’t even notice it HAHA but oh well structure is good if it is a good structure!)

The past few weeks have been really rough, what with dance concert and the whole being sick thing, and all the tutorials and deadlines piling up as all the teachers rush to finish everything before the holidays. It’s been stressful no doubt, and all sorts of tiring, but it is over now and there is no point in dwelling over things of the past~ Went back to cedar on thursday for 15 minutes because they wanted to lock up the whole school because the teachers were going to USS and then met CGBT heh. Despite the short time I spent with them it was good it’s always good with them haha although sometimes they talk about their school things and I just sit there stoning. Spent the rest of the day w anais studying it was like old times haha I rly do miss her a lot her whole presence and how she’d always be there for me although we rarely even express sentiments of gratitude or love to each other haha~~ Headed to the beach on friday with #teamnutsackz and it was a full day of fun; may not agree with many things that they do but I’m still immensely grateful for their presence.

IMG_3844 IMG_3854 IMG_3911 IMG_3913 IMG_3918 IMG_3919 IMG_3921 IMG_3925 IMG_3933 IMG_3943 IMG_3948 IMG_4227 IMG_4253 IMG_4309

Holidays just started but I’m pretty sure this isn’t even going to be a holiday what with less than 30 days to promos and the fact that I am GROSSLY UNPREPARED yet SO INCREDIBLY COMPLACENT I really need to buck up hahaha. I think every time it comes to the holidays I always blog the same thing: I hate how holidays have to be about doing things about doing work about being productive, academically or in the work force or whatever. I think we are so used to a culture of doing things and rushing things it’s easy to forget how to just relax with a good book or enjoying nature or something, not having to do anything productive per se, but something that just calms you down and makes you feel a kind of rested-ness that you find no amount of sleep can guarantee. With that being said, I just slacked the entire day away after sleeping half of it away ALL IN THE NAME OF RESTING (excuses). Am currently sitting in my kitchen with my laptop playing nice calming music and drinking some mushroom soup and I haven’t felt so relaxed in such a long time. Here’s to not having to conform to whatever Singapore’s education system makes you do, but doing things that make you feel happy~ (without recklessness of course)

I think the mark of a true leader is being able to make sound decisions that are best for whoever they are leading while being able to filter comments made by other parties that may not know everything. With that being said, I still don’t see any of you as leaders, and it disgusts me how much ranking and looking good matters to you; I honestly don’t see how that can blind you so much to see the mess that you guys are creating~ Was really genuinely contemplating quitting, being faulted for everything that you do/don’t do isn’t a fun experience at all, and it makes the overall experience bad too. If I ever dislike dance in my life, I will know who to ‘blame’ it on.

Showing gratitude comes in so many different forms and the fact that this seems to be the only form that you accept (mainly because it’s tangible) is quite disgusting to me. You’re still one of my favourites of course but my impression of you has gone down considerably. Okay I thought I had a lot to say about this but I don’t haha~ (Only accepting things and understanding things because they are tangible wowwww okay steph what a hypocrite flaming people for this ahahaha)

OKAY THE SELF PROMOTION HAS COME I just recorded a new cover which you can (should) check out here https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-soh/lego-housenot-over-you I think it’s not tooooo bad HEH CHECK IT OUT LIKE IT REPOST IT BLAH BLAH heheheh. Till next time 🙂


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