Hello again wordpress!!!!

Life for the past week has been pretty tiring which is odd because it’s the holidays, but nonetheless it has been rather enjoyable. Spent the first two days slacking at home and talking with the brother about things during lunch (hi jon I know you read this now HAHAHA) and then dinner on tuesday night with my fav 🙂 Badminton on wednesday with the ling brothers and shannon, catching up with javier over lunch/tea, vocal coaching with sarah and natalie, vision cast in the evening then worship rehearsal at night. Headed to church to be Jeremy’s tutor on Thursday and to do my own mugging (which failed so epically because I didn’t know how to do anything sob) then dinner with my fav again :)) Stayed home on Friday to finish work (which I didn’t oopssss) and then CG at night talking about parenting teens and gaining new insights from my own thoughts and upon hearing the expectation of parents. Woke up bright and early on Saturday to go to school for a rigorous 3 hours of dancing (finally) learning choreo for the May concert so so excited but currently aching everywhere sob. Rushed to church after that to lead worship then leaders training at night. Today woke up even brighter and earlier to head to church to serve. Ending the day (now) by reading two encouraging encouraging letters from joel and moses and blogging heh. Definitely more tiring compared to last years march holidays but enjoyable and fulfilling nonetheless 🙂

This week for me has been a lot about service, serving people mainly in worship, but also in every small thing I do. S.H.A.P.E just ended and I think Jon Ji concluded it very very well, “using our God-given SHAPE for the purpose of glorifying God and Him only”. Also Eliel’s reminder after worship debrief on Saturday to know who we are truly worshipping, what our hearts are, and knowing that our audience is one and only one. As such a lot of new questions about service have been popping up and finding and constantly seeking for answers regarding what being a good worship leader is, how to be an effective one, what service truly is, and learning to serve as an outpour of God’s love and God’s goodness to me, i.e. can’t help but serve because of the love I have for God and because of how awed I am by Him that that becomes the only response. Still have many questions regarding service, but I am grateful that I have many people to ask and to talk to, and of course of course God himself.

Till next time 🙂

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