Hello wordpress! 🙂

JC has been extremely extremely extremely tiring but I am grateful bcuz I have found people to hang out with in class haha. Still very wary about calling them friends though, I don’t know yet if I can count on them throughout whatever. Have been feeling extremely tired and shag the past few days (does tired and shag mean the same thing?!); JC life has been very routine and tiring going through lesson after lesson everyday sitting in the classroom or lecture theatre trying to pay attention to a boring lecture sometimes without food has been q tough HAHA but thankful for friend outside of my class (choong and sam ambrose and wesley and wallace joel and timo and chuah and ethan and javier) who keep me entertained/looking forward (somewhat) to school/who support me and pray for me thank you friends. I actually don’t have a lot to write in this post so I will make up for it in pictures HAHA since pictures speak a thousand words (lame excuse).

IMG_2894 IMG_2910 IMG_2960 IMG_2968

(WOW LOOK THAT’S 4000 WORDS HAHAHA I think I have done too much work)

March holidays next week and am looking forward to my many dates planned. Am rly looking forward to catching up with many people, feel like I have been neglecting many friendships since JC started (although I did make a lot of new ones) so I am looking forward to that omg this whole blog post sounds so name aiya whatever I am tired and I do not blog for your pleasure (jk don’t hate me pls). Worried for PW though and praying for good group mates, and for JC to rly be a time where I can be a salt and light, especially since finding out the how few christians there are around me. Till next time when I have more things to say ^^

WAIT GO CHECK THESE OUT even if you are non christian just listen to them sing omg omg omg?!?!?!? (self esteem has plummeted and disappeared who would like to join me in searching for it)

And my personal favourite ^^


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