New beginnings

Hello wordpress~

Feel like I need to update this blog about my life considering all the changes that I’ve been going through so heh.

On wednesday (the last day before my freedom came to an end), I went out with Jie Yi Meena RX Celine and Xin Hui for lunch and reminiscing old school days and talking about what was to come made me kinda nervous and envious haha. I think it’s common knowledge that Raffles has always been my dream school and seeing people who didn’t even want to go to raffles and even swear of raffles get accepted to raffles hurt but I am ultimately happy for all of them and I wish all of them the best of luck in wherever they go~ Was not very excited though; cedar life was a vvvv comfortable familiar and homely one and I was (and still kinda am) extremely reluctant to leave it behind for a new place a new culture a new beginning in a school that wasn’t high on my list of choices. Went to support the kids at their AMK match and we lost but it’s alright bcuz you guys did your best!! It was nice seeing the team again despite not being v close to all of them. Headed off to farrer park for dinner with them at astons; again falling back into the comfortable support that my team brings with me. I miss them vvvvvvvv much sobs.


Started orientation on thursday at NY and honestly the orientation was q sian I think it was because of all the sitting down and waiting that we did. The OGLs were rly vvvv good though, and although I complain and whine everytime they asked us to do a cheer I understood why they kept pushing for it, they simply wanted to hype us up so that we could enjoy orientation as much as possible. Met some vvvvv nice people and a neighbour of mine that goes to NY HAHA. Absolutely love the fact that I can leave house and reach my school in 10 mins heheh. ANYWAY met a bunch of people (NOVUS 9!!!) that have increasingly meant more and more to me, and have helped to improve my impression of the school and helped me to try and adopt a more positive attitude towards enrolling in NY. I was a pretty sucky OGML though sorry guys haha and sorry for all the stupid riddles and games 😦 Can’t say I wasn’t (majorly) disappointed that my appeal didn’t go through, but I’m learning to live with it. Thanks for everything novus 9 🙂

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Lectures started today and nothing to say just that my brain hasn’t been functioning AT ALL megasob oh well.

Saturday went out for lunch with joel and timo and then headed to moses’s house and met andrew and went to ECP after that heh. Subsequently spent the day with them and Javier as well and I cannot express how grateful I am for this group of people and I always feel damnnnn bad for crashing them but they are okay with it so heh~ Been having a lot of personal problems with the batch lately and have been ignoring them like the plague HAHA sigh better start working out my problems soon and get over myself.

Will probably be blogging a lot more this year because I need to remind myself how to write and talk in English bcuz nanyang is turning me into a chinese and it’s only been 5 days there HELP SAVE ME


(new soundcloud cover heheh


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