Learn from the past

Waddup wordpress.

Haven’t been doing much the past few weeks/months hahaha have just been sitting at home rotting away and doing covers halfway and watching many many shows. Not at all productive and useful, but the nuaing that I set out to have for the whole holidays, and for that I’m grateful I wasn’t forced/pressured into working and what not. It’s been a good much needed break and I am grateful.

I have however been looking through twitter/blog archives and there has been a growing realisation that in the past 3 years I have lost many friends, and have not made a lot hahaha. Was so close to people like Pris, Nicole, Jan, Kenneth, Isabel, Jia Jun, Jeremy, and in a privated blog post long time ago I promised myself to do whatever I could to not lose these people because (at that time) they meant a whole lot to me. Had a lot more school friends as well, and was wayyyy more involved in the batch than now. Reminiscing the past has stung because I realised I either gave up on a lot of friendships because of something that cropped up, or I lost them in one way or another. Recently have been getting many inputs from many people about why I have lost so many friendships, and although it helps the truth truly hurts. Okay hahaha I don’t even know why I am blogging about this it’s just an overwhelming of truth hence being upset I will probably delete this sometime soon though.

What if next time when I see you everyday you find me annoying. What if I lose you.


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