Family, Friendship, Forever

Days like today where I am all nostalgic (I think it is bcuz I am listening to old songs) I dig through my archives of this blog and the one on my previous blog and I get so incredibly emotional hahaha. As I read through experiences that I felt meant enough to me to blog about I really feel blessed with so many great friends, my great family and my great God. Really I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of you, and I hope all of you (especially especially especially the people who have stood by me for the longest time) know how much you mean to me and how much I love each and every one of you. I’m in the mood to sit down with someone (or I guess since it’s 1240 am then just with my laptop) and go on and on and on about how greatly I have been blessed with so many things and I want to take apart my short life and to lay out all my experiences piece by piece and to find myself, you can only truly know who you are by knowing where you’ve come from. And on this note I don’t believe people who say they don’t know who they are anymore just go and reflect upon yourself la aiyo hahaha. BACK TO THE POINT I really am grateful for everything and I am going to write everything here and so that I can go to sleep well rested fully knowing I have said all I wanted to say, and to go to sleep with a smile on my face because I really really do know that I have been extremely blessed.

Firstly so incredibly grateful for my family for supporting me all the way. Especially my parents who have never failed to shape me and my character. They have truly taught me the importance of communication, the importance of family, the importance of joy, and how love truly transcends all, and how love is truly blind. They have always been the pillars of support in my life, always cheering me on even though I have given up on myself. To single them out, my parents truly truly are the best. Take today for instance. I was supposed to leave house at 720 for my HCL paper at 8 but at 720 I was still frantically searching for my edictionary that mysteriously disappeared haha. Not only did my parents and brother wake up just to look for it with me they also tore up the entire house (it was the messiest I have ever seen) just so that I could relax and not panic and still get my dictionary and get to school on time. Upon realising my sister took it to school with her, my mother called up the school and drove all the way down to my sisters school to pick it up as my dad took me to school. I am truly blessed with parents who will do anything and everything no matter what to help me to do my best and to not be stressed. My parents may be strict on many things like curfew and dating but they are perfect to me and I wouldn’t trade them in for the world.

My friends. Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this. I love my friends so incredibly much, and though I may not be the most popz kid I know I have many good friends around me that I can trust and that I know will always be by my side. They have brought tears and laughter and frustration and what not but in whatever unique way they have they have made me into what I have become. I really am feeling extremely grateful now so I am going to single out some people~ If your name is not here and you are close to me I’m really sorry it’s just really overwhelming and my thoughts are coming so quickly haha I’m sorry. Okay start now according to age heh so if you are too lazy to read everything and you know your name will appear in here you can just scroll scroll scroll 🙂

JOASH: I love you leh joash you really are the best 25 year old I know that would care for me for 4 years. When I came to you as an annoying 12 year old kid you never did get annoyed with me (almost though HAHA) but you always put up with my 12 year old silliness and you’ve been a consistent friend to me for the past 4 years. You always helped me to master my craft, but more importantly you always asked about me before you asked about my singing. You always made sure I was doing okay spiritually and in general as well, and always asked me for prayer requests before we even started talking about music. You valued me over my craft and you have truly inspired me to be a blessing to others (younger than me in particular) like you have been to me. More recently when you are off having a good time in London you always take the effort to text me first to ask me how I am and how I felt the papers were and you’re always giving me virtual hugs and always encouraging me and AHHH you know how much you mean to me I love you I truly do.

BEN: Hi handsome CGL if you are reading this you have also been a big part of my life!!!! Though you may not have been my CGL for the longest time I’ve known you for quite some time already and last time when we were all a bit closer (when I was closer to the then j2s and then the meilin) you never failed to bring a smile to my face and for that I am thankful. This year as well you’ve always bothered to ask about how I am and you even cancelled an entire CG time just because I was panicking over O’s and although I probably didn’t show it I was really comforted haha. Thanks for everything ben!!

JIA JUN: Felt like I needed to include you because of the whole you me timo isabel thing haha our friendship was indeed a fun one where I bullied you 1000 times HAHA over text and in real life. Studying in church with ya’ll and playing monopoly deal and watching jack neo movies at my house and just generally being friends with all of you have been an incredible part of my lower sec life and for that I am grateful. Thanks stupid noob heheh.

TIMO: I don’t know where to start to thank you for everything you’ve been to me you really are everything everything EVERYTHING E V E R Y T H I N G to me from when we were sec 4 onwards it has been suchhhhh an incredible blessing to have you in my life. From when we first met where we were study buddies and texting buddies, to later on as we started to get closer and closer. To when I started confiding many many things in you and you in me, to now. You’ve been such a solid rock to me all the way always encouraging me always entertaining me always supporting me always cheering me up always being there for me whenever and however you can, I love you I do and you are probably the one I am the most grateful for.

YI ZU: You probably will not see this because you are busy doing your guards thing but you have also been such an incredible blessing to me. From being a dedicated CGL from sec 1 to when you enlisted, you’ve been such an inspiration and a role model to me. The way you lived your life for God, trusting God in everything you do really inspired me. You are subconsciously one of my biggest inspirations I think, from the authenticity I hope to have when I lead worship that I see in you, from the care that you shower me with, from the weekly texts to encourage us in our weeks, you have inspired me to do that for others, so thank you so much yi zu.

MOSES: Hi Moses I wonder if you still remember my wordpress from when I told it to you eons ago haha. Anyway thank you for being such a wise older bro haha always giving me very sound advice and always being very entertaining in your letters. Also for getting the then j2s that I was closer with to pick me up from Cedar and to have dinner with me, that was incredibly sweet and something I still think about up till now because it really was a special birthday. Thanks for always praying for me and for always being concerned with how I am doing everytime you see me, also taking the time to think over the questions that I have that I posed to you in my letters or in real life and for providing a good answer that I am almost always grateful to have. Thanks so much Moses 🙂

JAVIER: Hi you know I love you very much. Thank you for being so much to me Javier really I cannot ealk;sdjfalskdf. From taking the long way home just so that we have more time to talk, to walking me home even when I don’t ask you to, little (okay maybe not so little) acts like these inspire me to love others just as you love me. I am ever so grateful for all the talks that we’ve had, about worship about our problems about anything under the sun. And omg my birthday thank you so much hahahaha my mom still brings up your cake now and again. You’ve been suchhhh an incredible blessing I really cannot tell you how much you’ve been to me. Catch up very soon and I am very much looking forward to it heh.

SARAH: Hi fellow coconut!!!! You’ve been such a blessing to me always being around and being fun and entertaining what with all your vlogs and all HAHA. I really miss CG retreat long long time ago playing royalty HAHA good times 🙂 Thanks for letting me be a friend to you listening to your troubles and for listening to mine as well in real life and over whatsapp, and for always providing me with friendship and love and care and support. You’ve been such a blessing to me the past 6 years? I’ve known you and I couldn’t ask for a better friend 🙂 Will never forget all the memories during adult CG and of course Cameron Highlands haha. I love ya coconut!!

ISABEL: Idk if you read this haha but just know that you’ve been an incredibly big part of my lower sec school life. From all the letters we exchanged to the texts to the conversations to the song that we wanted to cover. We may not be friends now (idk if we are hahaha) but just know that I treasured your friendship in lower sec a lot and you meant a lot to me. You really did shape my lower sec life, and in so doing have shaped me.

OLLIE: HI HI bestie for what 12 years haha omg I am so grateful for you for always being there for me through whatever. You’ve really been the friend that has stuck by me through thick and thin, 12 years is no small feat. You’ve supported me in so many ways I am so grateful for you I can’t even haha. This year especially you’ve been a solid rock. I remember when I first heard the news about Grace I called you first and I’m sure you were devastated by the news as well but you were on the phone comforting me all the way and for that I’m grateful for the strength that you have that I’m sure was inspired by Grace. Subsequently all the talks on the roof and the lunch that we had never failed to help me put things into perspective and look at circumstances in a position I had not considered, so thank you for helping me to get closure. Also thank you for cheering me up the way that suits me best, you truly are my bestie.

PRATALA: hi pratala I have also known you for 100000 years and through that 100000 years you’ve been a great blessing to me. During lower sec when that Ollie was MIA we always hung out together and you brought much laughter and great joy. Sleeping over at whoevers house was always fun, and sleeping over at your house just the 2 of us is a memory I have been treasuring and I’m sure I will continue to treasure for many years to come. There was a point of time there was some conflict between us at the end of sec 2 I think I don’t even remember why now HAHA I remember it was my fault though so I am v sorry 😦 qing ni yuan liang wo haha. This year though we are v close again and once again you never fail to cheer me up and put a smile on my face. Thank you vvvvv much pratala for everything, and next time if we are right outside your house again I’ll be sure to call you 😉

GRACE: You are no longer around to read this but please know you have been suchhhhhh a blessing to me, when you were around and now when you are not alike. When you were around you always were such a blessing and a good friend, always listening to my rants and listening to me go on and on and on about my crushes HAHA. I will never ever forget the times when we sang together, which was v often and you’d tell me to shut up because I sang too much HAHA. You inspired me to always sing better though, I never told you this but your zainess inspired me to be more zai, and look now I am teaching other people how to sing haha. Throughout your battle against cancer you’ve inspired me with your strength and your compassion and your constant positive attitude despite what the world threw at you. I will never forget London too when we met I guess I did sorta get to go overseas with you then eh heh. And now that you are gone you continue to inspire me everytime I think of you, and for that I am grateful because I don’t think I would have managed to cope with the past 6 months, but because of the 3 of you I have and because of the 3 of you I have managed to get closure. I love you Grace.

JADE: Hi jadeeeeee wo ai ni hen duo really I don’t think you know how much I love ya jades. And don’t you dare say I am being too nice to you 😡 You truly are one of the best friends I’ve made in Cedar and I am so grateful that you are always around to listen to me talk about 😉 and CL and singing and such, and for letting me be part of your cuteness and listening to your CG eheheh (hope you get what CL means now HAHA). I will never forget the lunches where I would crash your seat and we would just spend the whole time listening to music on soundcloud or on youtube and I’d try to convince you to listen to my English songs but you’d always be EH LISTEN TO NA YING COME COME LISTEN TO HER OMG SHE’S SO GOOD or ZHONG GUO HAO SHENG YING etc HAHAHA and being table partners with you spazzing about Mrs Yeo’s straight lines and her cuteness HAHA oh man. Thanks for everything jades you rly have shaped my upper sec life and for that I’m so grateful we got put in the same class heh.

XIN HUI: I doubt you read this HAHA but thanks for everything you’ve been to me; you’ve been an incredible blessing you don’t even know. I’m def not one of the people in class that others would willingly choose to hang out with except maybe jades HAHA but you’ve always been there for me through whatever. You’ve always been my recess/go anywhere buddy and you’ve never made me feel lonely ever in upper sec (except when you fall sick and when you go competition) HAHA but you’ve really made me feel like less of a loner and made my upper sec days less miserable than it would have been had you not been in my class. So thanks heh. And for (trying to be) a good influence on me by trying to make me run HAHAHA. But really thank you so much.

COLLEEN: Hi babe I love you you mean everything to me I love you to the moon and back from chinese class to after trainings to dates to everything ahhh you’ve always always been there for me. Will never forget that day when I called you bcuz I saw the class list thing and you just stood there listening to me and comforted me so much and made me feel so incredibly loved thank you babe I love you haha

DIBS: You’ve been such a great tuition budz I’m so incredibly grateful to you (and Sugi) for making tuition so much fun and to you for making dinners fun too!! I really do treasure all the times we’ve had having dinner talking about anything and everything usually about trying to be fit or about badminton and about school, and occasionally branching into personal stuff, it meant the world to me that I could talk to you about anything and feel at ease, thanks so much dibs heh.

PRISCILLA: hi mmdd budz you know how much I love you I’ve said pretty much everything I’ve wanted to say in my insta post to you so ya la haha you’ll get a card soon after o’s as a farewell/chalet/birthday card I will make it one big card for you k haha love ya loads mmdd soon pls and that cafe you were talking about HAHA I miss pigging out with ya all the time.

VANESSA: Hi WE HAVEN’T MET UP IN TOO LONG BUT WE ARE GOING TO AND I’M SO EXCITED ASLDKFJALDJFAL;KDJ thanks for everything you’ve been to me in lower sec. For doing things with me and eating recess with me, you always made me feel loved in lower sec heh. Also for all the times I ranted to you about my problems with JJ and Isabel and Timo HAHA and for your never ending patience in listening to me. Also thank you for being such a good christian friend to me in school, always encouraging me with verses and praying for me and such, having a good christian friend in school made life in lower sec so much easier and I am so grateful. You know I love you budz I AM SO EXCITED FOR US TO MEET it really has been too long and I miss you loads.

ATHALIA: Hi coconut thunder budz!!!! You’ve been such a great friend to me especially when we were younger haha I love you babe I will not forget playing royalty with ya’ll and scissors paper stones on the steps AH bring me back to those days man. And in church we’d sit together and sing together and look at guys together HAHAHA it was v fun. Would like to thank you for teaching me to harmonize HAHA I rmb you were trying to teach me how to harmonize to ‘Here I am to Worship’ and then once I got it I wouldn’t stop harmonizing you and your voice inspired me to be a better singer too babe 🙂 Anyway you’re perfect just the way you are okay and I love you for you 🙂 muacks catch up soon with rah rah too alright 🙂

I guess that’s it haha so much more feels though but I think this is enough for now~ Song that has been accompanying through my blogging is

It is 2.20am it is time to sleep haha. Have a good day everyone hehehh 🙂


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