What up wordpress I am back after taking a hiatus bcuz of the big o’s~ Don’t know what to expect for O’s I am hoping for the best but not expecting much because I keep screwing up papers sigh. I don’t think I was very prepared to begin with anyway, so if I do well it’s solely by God’s grace and if I didn’t then I deserve every bad mark and every non a1 that I get. 5 more papers to go in two weeks really really praying that I won’t use these really long breaks between papers to slack off. Higher Chinese O’s next week that I really really really must pass (have a real chance of failing sob) and science MCQs the whole week after that that I’m banking on to pull up my results. Nothing less than perfection for MCQs because I know that my best is perfection. Going to write about all my papers (or most) so that on results day next year when I reread my blog I will remember how I felt about my papers and check it according to my marks heh.

English paper was tiring because it was in the afternoon and it was all the way until 6pm hahaha I don’t think I did too badly though. Wrote my compo about Grace and ended up crying in the exam hall hahahaha I wonder if there are tear stains on my compo do I get sympathy marks. Felt like although my vocabulary and my language structure may not have been up to my usual standard I didn’t do that badly though because it really reflected my thoughts and my feelings towards everything that’s been happening. Felt like I finally got some closure in the exam hall; with that being said I think that I am starting to feel less of the pain, somedays I go by without thinking about you and I feel guilty yet happy because it means that I have finally come to terms with your passing, something I thought to be impossible but I have been proven wrong. Paper 2 was just weird though, and paper 3 too but full marks for that heh. The maths nothing to say but a1 shouldddd be in the bag. Screwed up bio and physics though chem was okay heh screwed up ss sbq and geog ldq too sigh but hopefully a1 is still achievable. Not much else to say about the big o’s except I’m glad that the bulk of it is over I CAN TASTE FREEDOM HEHEHEHE will be so relieved when everything is over.

Don’t know what to expect of the next 7 weeks for myself it’s definitely not going to be an easy time and I will find myself doubting all over again because such a long time and so much pain, but I know I’ll get through it and work through all my doubts. I know it. Left you ahahaha


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