Trust no one

Tonight was a v interesting night~ Headed over to the extended familys house to have a nice homemade sushi dinner and ended up deep in conversation with the brother, the mother and the helper (I hate the word maid) over there. The brother is flying off to Manila, Philippines in idk how long but soon la, and so we were talking about the country, the delicacies, the culture, the people.

“Remember Jon, when you go over to the Philippines, you must trust no one. Not even a little girl. Not even the disabled. Not even the police. When you go there everyone will try and cheat you of your money, or your possessions. Everyone is fighting for themselves, they don’t care about you they care about what you have. Always be cautious. Look around you. Make sure your valuables are kept hidden at all times. Remember, everywhere you go, trust no one.”

Said the helper when we asked for her opinion of Manila and what things were like there. I left the conversation deep in thought and thoroughly disturbed by the face that no one could be trusted, not even the people who you should be able to trust the most in a country, the police, or not even those that are so pitiful, especially those who are pitiful. Living in a place where no one can be trusted and where everyone is everyones enemy is scary, because you never know when things might be taken from you. It is so devastating to know that no one around you can be trusted, not even your family members sometimes. This saddens me a lot because trust is very very very important to me.

“What you see in Philippines very often is this. A guy will just go up to someone else and put a knife/gun to them, and they cannot do anything but give up their possessions. You don’t do as they say, they kill you. You shout, they kill you. The police can’t do anything, before they can you’ll already be dead.”

Said the helper when we asked her what situations were like in the mall. In the mall. A public place and you cannot even find solace and protection in the masses of people there.

“What kind of school sends the children to Philippines??? The responsibility of the school and of the teacher in charge will be incredibly high. The parents are bound to be worried all the time, and if anything happens the school will never hear the end of it.”

Said the aunt when she first heard that Jon was going to Philippines. Praying for the people in there, and for the people that constantly go to the capital of the beautiful country Philippines.


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