The Weeeeeeeeeek

Many ‘e’s in my title because it symbolises how long the week felt THE WEEK FELT LIKE FOREVER I swear it did.

I’d blog about my week but I can’t rly remember anything that happened with the exception of my birthday and yesterday HAHA so I guess I’ll blog about that heheh.

Thursday was my birthday and was very very very x10000 pleasantly surprised by the surprise visit from javier at midnight and the cake and the card :’))) It was a rly rly sweet thing to do and I loved it a lot heh if you are reading this hen duo xie hen duo ai!! Went to school and got a shoebox worth of food and cards from the team whom I am extremely grateful for thank you to all you guys for making me feel loved and special on my 16th!! 🙂 Went to creamier for ice cream at night for supper with the parents and the mom who refused to buy me a polaroid so she got me money instead HAHA. May not have been a very huge celebration at all but incredibly grateful for the love people show me in their choice words and kind gestures. Received a plastic bag worth of food from jades and kavi on friday too along with tear inducing letters haha I love them both so so much they are so qt heehee.

Went to get my polaroid on Saturday HEHEHEHEH I HAVE A POLAROID GUYS and I will be using it to take pictures with people dear to me so if I miss you out come look for me ya!! Went to church after that and got a giant bear hug from the lovely joash whom I will miss dearly when he flies off to london 😦 and then led worship heh I SUCCESSFULLY PULLED OFF MY UP KEY *does happy excited dance* heheheheh. Headed to town for dinner after that at Tonkichi SO EXPENSIVE HAHA I’M SO SORRY but it was good anyway I loved it I loved the food and I loved loved loved the company thank you for everything :)) broke my curfew HAHA but managed to distract the parents with the polaroid so they forgot all about it ahahaha.

17 days left to prelims grossly unprepared and v few days left to o’s too better buck up and pull myself together at the rate I am doing work/studying I deserve to fail O’s hahaha 😦 oh well very little time left in Cedar better make the most of it :))


shall update this post again with pictures when I am less lazy heheh


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