Had a crazy crazy crazy weekend haha let me tell you mysterious readers a bit more πŸ™‚

Friday was sports day which was really fun, chilling with all the badminton people and taking many pretty and retarded pictures πŸ™‚ Ole didn’t win but it doesn’t matter since we’ll be out of the school next year HAHA oops oh well. The afternoon was nice as well, but we are more than conquerors so no more. Went home for a nice dinner with the family and then chilling the rest of the night away πŸ™‚

IMG-20130719-WA0058 IMG-20130719-WA0067 IMG-20130719-WA0011

Saturday morning was #jonamywedding and IT WAS SO CUTE was mentally planning my own wedding HAHA pardon this hopeless romantic who likes to think about things like that haha. Had frontline where I got a bit pissed off hahaha also major camwhoring with sarah and then after that then dinner in the ulu part of Singapore also known as the East which was v nice heh. Headed to Ollie’s house after to stay over in preparation for the race the next day!! Did a cover of the cup song which you can check out here hehΒ https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-soh/when-youre-gone. Finally went to sleep after that, very excited yet nervous about the next day!

1077146_10201425250381290_209261393_o Photo on 20-7-13 at 11.34 PM #2 Photo on 20-7-13 at 6.36 PM

Headed to East Coat in the early morning for the 10k Race Against Cancer at the ungodly time of 7 haha. Didn’t run the whole thing but got to talk to evan quite a bit that was q nice πŸ™‚ Was in a rather somber mood after the race though, remembering Grace and trying to imagine what it’d be like had she still been here since the whole RAC was supposed to be a surprise. Glad that her race has come to an end though, and through the race we are experiencing a fraction of the pain she went through. Got a bit annoyed as well cannot stand people who join things only because of other people hahaha but whatever it doesn’t concern me anyway. Went home with javier after that his family is so easy to talk to heh. Went to the niche in the afternoon with the mother and then phantom of the opera at night with the mother πŸ™‚ Draining was an understatement but fun and fulfilling nevertheless.

1016716_10152102020683677_1066895739_n 920391_10201426154683897_281552704_o 74698_10152102020288677_1169590675_n

That’s my weekend heh the next 5-6 months aren’t going to be easy but incredibly grateful that it is what it is.


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