First week of semester 3!

The first week of semester 3 can only be described as hell, cannot remember if I’ve felt so tired so quickly ever in my life before. If the first week of semester 3 is already like this I can’t and don’t want to imagine how the next few weeks leading up to O’s will be like haha sigh.

Went to school early in the morning on Monday with a slight headache and feeling lightheaded. I don’t know how I managed to survive in school till 2 but oh well slept during chinese lesson and almost vommited after I woke up so I went back home to rest. Took my temperature and realised I was running a fever sobs and I had absolutely no appetite THE ENTIRE DAY that sucked haha.

Woke up the next morning and still felt damn bad so I gave school a miss. Just felt light headed and had a sore throat so not much but just resting that day. Quite sure I pissed of Dhillon because of all my parents letters which is apparently against school rules HAHA oh well I’ll be out of the school soon enough anyway so~ Missed class photo taking though sobs so when I get my yearbook I will not have my face in there oh well.

Went back to school on Wednesday and it was absolute shit ending damn late at 5 because of extra lessons. Also I never knew how much one day could affect me; when I came back I had truck loads of work to do and ended up doing it till late in the night sigh.

Thursday was also pretty shitty with lessons till 3 then sports day heats HAHA then watched the high jumpers IT IS DAMN COOL I want to try jumping too 😦 Headed to tuition with dibs and introduced her to the amazing goodness of jian dao haha. If you are reading this dibs hope you have found your bottle/gotten a new one heh. Physics tuition from 715-930 left me physically and mentally exhausted but the day was not over yet hahaha sigh went back home to start on my homework at 1030 and slept late again.

The parents went to Macau today early in the morning so I had to wake up extra early to get to school sobs. Height and weight in the morning I AM STILL MISSING 160 BY 1cm sobs sobs oh well at least I lost weight. Lessons till 5 again today haha died. Home movie with the sister plus dinner was q fun heh. And then the whole episode at night I swear if I ever feel so so so shitty again I’m just going to sleep on it haha. Insecurity is a shit shit shit feeling. I’m sorry I really am I didn’t mean to do it and I will explain myself sometime soon just remind me.

Yup so that was the first week of semester 3 we have approximately 110 days left to O’s I’m shitting bricks now so so so so so so so so worried that I know how little time I have left BUT I AM STILL NOT DOING ANYTHING I need someone to motivate me haha oh well maybe sometime soon I will get my huge butt off to do work. Till next time 🙂


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