On days like these where I am not productive at all (so basically everyday), I find myself thinking about many things and many people and many choices. I start to wonder if the decisions I’ve made were the right ones and if I had made a different (possibly better) choice then would things be different and would the people who mean the most to me not mean anything to me?

And then I think back to the past 10 months and I feel incredibly happy and blessed; life has been constantly throwing me many lemons for a while now but for 9 months I haven’t been alone in making lemonade out of these lemons, and things changed and I am making lemonade by myself I am going to stop using this analogy now. Things have changed in the past month or so with the absence of people that are really important to me and what else to do but to face each and every struggle I meet head on with determination knowing that these people taken away from me are supporting me wherever they are, be it in heaven or on earth. You must rely on yourself that is essential, having people to rely on is nothing more than a privilege. This has become very real and it sucks but what else to do then to take everything in my stride and face it head on. A month on the pain hasn’t really subsided but oh well.

Definitely not spending June holidays the way I planned to after the March holidays haha have just been slacking and rotting away at home with my new sexy com oh well. Saturday was good 🙂 You would have been proud of us


On a side note how do people find positive things to blog about like how??



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