New beginnings

Hello wordpress πŸ™‚

After much thought I HEREBY VOW to stop doing one liner posts/so many protected posts and actually blog positively because there are many things to be positive about πŸ™‚

The month of May has been a really really really challenging one, especially so after 6th May. I think I have already talked/blogged/written in letters about Grace enough, so I will not delve into more about how great and amazing she was. Talking about her is still very much difficult, and I almost broke down when writing my letter to Moses and telling him about Grace. It still hurts to hear her voice because I’m probably the one who has sang with her the most (in church). So yessss I don’t/didn’t/won’t expect her sudden demise to be easy on me or any of us, but much like aunty sow kheng and uncle chu chong and gladys and to grace herself I (we) will trust in the one who’s plans are more sovereign than ours πŸ™‚ Through this death though I’ve been finding myself spending more time with certain people in the batch, and for that I’m incredibly grateful πŸ™‚ Grace your demise has brought us all closer together, and although I wish it could have happened without your demise, I know you’re smiling down at us from up there πŸ™‚ You’re always in our hearts heh. Got closer to a lot of the batch because of the run/lunches/dinners heh learning to love this group of people more and more as I spend more and more time with them. Also many many many thanks to the bestie of almost 12 years for all the advice/texting/calls/ the lunch that we had that helped me to put things in perspective and who helps share the pain heh. Also of course to other people who have consistently been there for me, giving me advice, and to the dozens of school friends/church friends/adults that have texted me and cared for me and who have availed themselves if I ever need talking, thank you :’)

393013_10151670123259853_1175354510_n 179191_10151920143538677_1355130371_n 468130_10200965287162497_401285759_o 20130519-162913


The week after that came my prelim 1 exams,and I was obviously the furthest thing from prepared haha in terms of content and in my emotional well-being. God is good though, and I managed to park aside my emotions for the 4 days and did my exams relatively okay. The papers were crazy though, so I don’t expect to do well (at all), and if I do it is solely by His amazing Grace heh. Got my chinese results today and I got a c5 ohmygoodness shock of my life I have never gotten anything pass a 50/100 for Chinese in my entire secondary school life; what can I say my God is gracious beyond measure. Rest of the results coming out tomorrow and monday and not really expecting much haha but in anything and everything all glory to the One on high πŸ™‚ oh and adventure cove with the team was really fun heh. πŸ™‚


I miss you graceee





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