To grace

Grace is one of the strongest, most amazing and beautiful person I have ever had the amazing opportunity to meet, and I am so proud to call her one of my best friends. She’s been through so much and taught not only me, but everyone around her many lessons, by living her life to the best of her abilities.

2 years ago this very special person was diagnosed with colon cancer, then it relapsed, and spread to her back, eventually her lungs, then today. Through it all though she’s been such an amazing person.

You would never ever hear her complaining about what she was going through; she was always a fighter and always stayed strong because she hated to hurt anyone. She’s not only been strong for herself, which isn’t something easy, but she’s been able to lend strength and be an encouragement to the people around her. There was a time where I would complain about my life to her (insensitive I know), but she always encouraged me and never went “if your life sucks what about mine.” For this I admire her so so much.

When she came out of hospital on Friday, immediately the next day she came bearing 50 red velvet cupcakes (best I’ve ever tasted) with a smile on her face, telling people she was grateful and v thankful that she was out of hospital. Things like this we take for granted, and grace taught us to count each and every blessing.

There are a lot more things I can say, but these things struck me the most. To grace, I’m sorry for being a shitty friend to you, and I know you’re doing a lot better up there then you were here. Our song has been and will always be officially missing you, which is v relevant now, and I’m really sad that we didn’t get to cover it, which was something we were always v enthusiastic to do. I love you grace, now and forever, may you rest in peace.

And to my batch/everyone who has prayed for her, please do not feel discouraged because she wasn’t healed. I don’t like God’s plan anymore then the next but I trust in His ways because he is sovereign, and he does best. It will, of course, hurt like shit, but stay strong, just as grace has.

Here’s to grace, my amazing friend.



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