To the best teammates in the world.

Last training today. Walked into the cedar hub with a very bittersweet feeling and left with a VERY sweet feeling hahaha hate training but the people make it all worth it.

To xin hui (WANG WANG WANG) our captain, the idiot who always calls me fat/round/ball/pig, who always refuses to give me food, who always follows me to places that I want to go.

To colleen (pinkyoinky what even haha) our vice captain, the dumb blonde who I tell practically everything to, who I go to for advice, who is my sweet machine, who always makes me class, and to whom I know I can call when I need anything.

To celine (idiotfish!!) our vice captain, who is forever thinking/talking about something disgusting HAHA, who I used to skype/video call and cheer up heh.

To rosy, who is my walking home buddy, who is my talking-about-deep-stuff buddy, who is my nonsensically loud friend, who likes to take food heh.

To dibs (DEBORAHZIGAZIGA HAHAHA) who is my complain buddy, ride home from school, pig buddy, study buddy and general hang out friend heh.

To pris (puddpris what even haha) who is (was :(( ) my walk home buddy, my TMI buddy, my suanning buddy, my fellow classmate for 2 years, my pig buddy and my ponning buddy.

To llh (lilypopsz HAHA) who is my gossip buddy, occasional walk home buddy, tau huey buddy (although I don’t even eat tau huey HAHA), PSL buddy.

To isabelle, who I always scold for studying too much, who I always go to disturb her in class, who is my physical fitness trainer (HAHA).

To charmaine, who is my arguing buddy (YOUR HAIR ACCESSORIES AND SHOES ARE GREEN), my nonsense buddy, and who serenaded me many times during chalet (HAHA THESE BRUISESSSSSSS)

Thank you all for being the best teammates in the world πŸ™‚ Here’s to many more years of friendship πŸ™‚



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