Life has been pretty normal I guess~

Constantly feeling drained everyday even after I wake up sigh 3.14159 doesn’t seem to matter how much I sleep anymore I havent felt completely rested in an incredibly long time.

Hearing parts of janelles and javiers life stories and feeling overwhelmed by how richly I have been blessed. Blessed with an amazing Christian family, good friends, and cool older people watching over me and praying for me and giving me advice heh. Slowly learning to appreciate little things I have in life before they go would dearly like to prove the saying ‘you don’t know what you have till it’s gone’ wrong heh. Incredible sense of blessing over the past few days by circumstances and people.

It is April alr 190 days to o’s it is about time I buck up and stop being so lazy mucking around in bed and taking not at all deserved naps ooops. 2 trainings left feeling incredibly bittersweet TRAINING IS GOING TO END FINALLY but definitely gonna miss the people loads :(/:)

Maybe it’s time to set some boundaries hmm. Still dwelling on that one line from beach.


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