Living life

It’s coming to the end of the march holidays and I think I can safely conclude it has been the best holiday I’ve had; what with all the friendships forged and improved and the sort of productivity I’ve had. Because of the spam of emo shit on my blog I think a happy post is much in order heh.

MONDAY: Went to get my phone fixed although there rly wasn’t anything wrong hahahaha oh well it was nice getting out of the house and lunch with my favourite person was nice :> went back to continue being productive and was rewarded with good results heheh

TUESDAY: (wisely) gave training a miss and finished up quite a bit more work that was nice~

WEDNESDAY: woke up at a nice time of 8 for a morning swim with half the badminton team which was v nice growing fonder of swimming soon I will be all fit and healthy and thigh gap!!!! Then studying with the team v productive again heh.

THURSDAY: Mtt was fun I guess haha as fun as mtts can be anyway~ dinner @ Ikea with calaunan 1 and calaunan 2, john, timo, wesley and javier that was rly fun too despite my tiredness it was nice šŸ™‚

FRIDAY: Beach was nice šŸ™‚ finally talked properly after so long and learning more about you and other people as well and seeing how experiences have shaped many people in their actions and their character would like to get to know you and other people better as well maybe that can help quell my judgementalness heh. Feel like there are a lot of issues I need to reconsider I have been running away for too long and running away never solves problems. It was a rly nice day :)))

Tomorrow frontline and dinner with the batch then Sunday lunch with athalia and sarah heh. I like how this holiday I have been using to learn more about people and to understand a bit more and so I can help them in whatever ways I can. That, to me, is 1000 times more productive than doing 10 papers because (good) friends are for life but grades are just meh. Looking forward to my next holiday alr who am I going to meet next and get to know better! Excites šŸ™‚

“The things you blurt out in anger/hurt are the things that you truly mean”

I’d hate you if you go


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