Today during dialogue Ms Dhillon kept emphasizing on my “capabilities” and kept stressing on my “ability” to get a1s for all subjects and thereafter challenging me to get a1 from now on for every single bio test.

Expectations like these don’t do any good for me I think I have my own goals and my own expectations which itself is to do my best (believing that my best is an a1 yes i believe that!!) I don’t need expectations from other people. Hate knowing people’s expectations of me because I’m very scared to have failed their expectations I hate having people feel disappointed in me, like I had so much more “potential” and that i just “wasted” everything away. Absolutely hate disappointing people feel like if I do I’d have lost their trust. Sigh pie how now brown cowwww.

Trust. Hmm. Feel like a hypocrite but I can’t help it because you keep telling me you trust me and then.


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