22/02/2013 :>

Today was such a roller coaster I can’t even. Oh well.

Started off the day waking up at a vvvvvvvv nice time of 1130 despite it being a friday watch out guys I am turning into a rebel here. Ponned vca because it was all the way at vj and me being the lazy pig I was didn’t want to wake up and go all the way there by 715 in the morning~

Went to ZH to support cgbt bdiv in their vvv crucial match against amk and we lost oh welllll they were a stronger team anyway good job to all you guys (if you guys even read this hahaha) you tried your best and that’s all that matters chin up :>

Headed off to nex with lh, rx, dibs and xin hui to watch abtm 2 after watching abtm 1 last night it is a v good movie cried so much during it hahahaha oh well SO MUCH PROPAGANDA oh well but that’s to be expected~

Then dinner with rx, dibs, xin hui, colleen and charmaine at MOF which was rlyyyy nice talking about who would be the first to get a boyfriend HAHA okay that was an interesting dinner convo~ really incredibly grateful for people like them who never fail to make my day a lot x10000 better :>

Then supper with javier at wimbly lu which was rlyyyyyy good talking to javier helps a lot too if you do read this (i doubt so) thank you javier your advice tonight was rlyyyy spot on so thank you so much :>

Superrrrr stressed over worship tomorrow but whatever surrender everything it’s not for my glory anyway and God has alr planned the whole thing so I might as well stop worrying and just trust in Him because I know that whatever He chooses to do it will be good because He is good.

you make me happy :> thank you for tonight :>


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