November :>

HELLO WORDPRESS it has been a while since I’ve been here due to the fact that I’ve actually been having this thing called a life for the past few weeks :> Although I still find it quite superficial I am going to blog about what I’ve been doing for the past week or so (hahaha). Hopefully next year when I read through all my (emo) posts again (which I’m very sure I will) I will chance upon this and remind myself that I am capable of having a life and I should stop being so fixed on academic pursuits (although I hope that I don’t need this post to motivate me to not be so transfixed on my results). Here goes :>

Started off with the beach with the batch not much to say there except that it was fun and I’m glad I went haha haven’t been with the batch a lot this year for many different and complicated reasons but slowly but surely everyone is getting back together (this sounds weird) and we are growing stronger yay!


Then badminton chalet which I felt was quite awful because of our very very very last minute planning hahaha but it was still kinda fun anyway I’m going to miss the seniors a lot. And despite all I’ve said about them openly and in secret they are my seniors and I still love them :> Here’s hoping you guys get into the schools you want to! Also incredibly grateful for my teammates heh.



Right after chalet I took off to the incredibly hot country that is Cambodia for a mission trip with my adult cg!!! It was a truly unforgettable experience (feel like I’m writing some reflection hahaha) but it really has opened my eyes to see many things I wouldn’t have probably seen had it been up to me if I wanted to go or not. Immediately struck by the passion the kids have for God and the readiness to go up and share their testimonies/dance to songs made me reflect on my own state of worship and my spiritual standing and subconsciously comparing it to frontline haha. Also finally comprehending (more) the meaning of ‘Sometimes more is less and less is more.’ Incredibly grateful for this opportunity to go and I would definitely go back again. And I’m very blessed by how much most (if not all) of the youths have been positively transformed by the trip :>


And then sleepover with people in my batch. Yay :>

Then there is today which was hardly eventful just that I managed to GET MY LAZY SELF OFF THE CHAIR/BED and into running gear to go running 4k and go walking 1k and ending up at the fitness corner doing some exercise. Today is a good day maybe I will exercise more (HA.)

Things have been going extremely smoothly now I am getting a bit suspicious (hahaha) but no I will not think too much into this and enjoy it while it lasts. More good days and more good days and no more bad days :>

Yay for happy posts!! :>



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