Blogging in class because there is simply nothing better to do.

The whole year felt like it’s crawled by it was a painful year I’ll be glad for it to finally be over. Many things have come and gone and have been hurt and lost many times it isn’t a year I would want to relive. Many complications have risen from many different occasions that hopefully can be worked out. (realising how horribly vague I sound here) And the drive to attain perfection even more so prevalent now.

It’s been a year with many downs and very few ups but oh well sometimes life is a bitch suck it up steph. Hoping for a better year next year (although looking at the events of next year i.e. O levels and your constant absence) I do not see how that is possible.

But enough of all the emoing I AM NOT AN EMO KID (ahem ben) the past few days have been fun what with the end of exams. Ice skating and walks and food and sleep is probably my ideal life (#maximumpig) so it’s been a good couple of days. With that being said Chinese o’s are just around the corner but I am hoping my command of the Chinese language will help me to sail through (HA).

Everything but nothing left to be said


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