Gahh been swearing too much for the past few days I need to get over myself right now.


45 minute talk with Ms Liang about Christianity today was good she said many things that I needed to hear again I need to start doing my qts more regularly again I realise the only way I’m ever going to be okay (about this and about other things haha) is if I just submit everything to Him.

EOYs are around the corner (in 2 days to be specific) and I am far from prepared for this but I will trust in Him haha I will get whatever I deserve for the amount of effort that I put (or rather didn’t) put in. It is pressurizing to be in a family of overachievers but oh well~~~


My thoughts are not flowing properly today this is a result of 4 hours of sleep, a draining day in school and 3 hours of bio goodnight world.

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