For the past few weeks my thoughts have been centered mainly around you and around studies, and these two issues have been bothering me a lot and causing me to stay awake for hours at night because I just can’t seem to get anything straight and anything settled in my mind.

I realize I have been hating on the education system a lot for the past few weeks because I’m finally starting to realize how unfulfilled my (short) life is because all along it’s been centered around grades and achievements that all add up to nothing. I can’t say I’ve fully (or even at least a substantial amount) treasured everyone around me and the times I’ve spent with each person. Grades are a vicious cycle because once you do well you’re not satisfied and you’ll aim to be better and that’s basically what I’ve been doing I guess my whole entire life (but more evidently so in cedar. I hate strongly dislike cedar.) So yes I’ve been bothered about my unfulfilled, or rather, lack of life and purpose for the past few weeks.

Time seems to be crawling now I need September to come now because I need to get everything off my chest I don’t want to lie anymore. September please come faster.



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