Day 01

As my blog stalkers from Cedar (aka colleen and pris) have so nicely pointed out, I have had way too many protected posts for the past few weeks, well actually since forever. And after reading Bens blog I will attempt this 30 day challenge thing that will hopefully help me to discover more about myself as well as let people actually read something for once when they come to my blog. (WordPress tells me I have an average of about 18-25 readers per day please please mysterious viewers reveal yourselves!!!!) I’m probably going to be too lazy to post one everyday/to actually even finish it but what the heck I’ll try my best.

Day 01 – A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

This has got to be my favourite picture of myself.

Interesting facts!

1. I’m not a very interesting person haha I’m a typical Singaporean student, all work and no play. I always struggle whenever people ask me to introduce myself and share something interesting about myself.

2. I lived in America for the first 2 years of my life I think that’s pretty interesting!

3. I’ve been to Australia more times than I have been to China. Okay not very interesting haha.

4. I have mild OCD I absolutely cannot stand mess. This isn’t very interesting either I think it’s quite typical of many people.

5. I love birthdays. Absolutely love celebrating my birthday and other peoples birthdays. :)))

6. I play quite a lot of instruments. And by play I mean can play one song relatively well.  Piano, violin, acoustic guitar, ukelele, voice (yes this is an instrument!!), recorder (can this even be counted hahaha), bass (sort of not really though haha), handbells (although this is a team thing I STILL CAN PLAY THIS it’s not as easy as it looks!!) and angklung I guess haha.

7. I have a semi pet cat heheheh.

8. I have extremely high and unrealistic expectations of myself.

This is not interesting at all I’m changing the challenge to 8 sort of interesting things about myself.

I’m not used to these kinds of posts at all I have a compulsive order to rewrite this whole thing and make it sound more refine because this sounds really shallow and I hate coming across shallow to people. Oh well.


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