starting again

I realise that everytime I blog I seem like some depressed kid going through some shit and who is forever hating the world and being all sad and pessimistic. I realise that my blog doesn’t actually have an accurate portrayal of what I really am like I am not satisfied with this blog nor any of the posts that I have posted maybe I will start anew somewhere else.

Today was just like any horrible monday but I’m trying and starting to be able to find joy in even the simplest things, like the beautiful clouds, or the simple meals that I eat. Everyday may not be a good day but there is definitely something good in everyday and I’m determined to enjoy my life (wait what life hahahaha). I will try and find ways to keep myself happy and smiling simply because I can, and who wants to go through life being all sad and depressed?

After writing and deleting and writing and deleting I’m going to end this here, and I’m going to end my day here as well. Tomorrow will be a good day, no matter what happens, because I’m choosing for it to be a good day.



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