Friday, 03.08.2012 :’))

Started off the day at 530 in tpy stadium to get ready for cheer. It was really stressful most of the cheer captains were on the verge of tears/were crying. OUR MUSIC DIDN’T PLAY sigh. And so we ended up scream singing our entire thing, which wasn’t very good because we all couldn’t sing and we didn’t know some of the lyrics. Despite that, I was really glad that we all managed to keep our energy levels up and perform our best. Dropped from third to last position but that’s okay we had spirit and we had the right attitude and that’s what really counts. Was comforted by so many people and everyone was saying how proud they were so :’)

Headed off to the beach for a 2h long cycle, stopping in between for photos and sugar cane, and finally ended up sitting on the breakwater and taking many pictures. It was a really nice time enjoying the view and the wind and finally relaxing after such a long busy and stressful period.



After that headed off to promenade to meet timo, nicole and moses for dinner and lepak. It was a really nice time heh really enjoyed myself. It was a great way to end a great day heh. Probably going to get in trouble for reaching home at 11 but what the hell heh. A big thankful to everyone who helped to make this day reallyyyyyyyy fun and enjoyable for

And now it is time for a nice rest 🙂


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