Today was pretty eventful! But as of everyday there is always a bitter taste in my mouth after looking back at what happened and what could have been.

I think our worship team needs to have a clear vision in mind. Without a clear vision it’s really easy to get out of focus when planning things like what to say and what to do. [speaking of planning we need to meet up for a purpose other than to plan events] Without a vision just exactly what do we want and how are we going to tell people what we are and what we do and what is expected of them. We need to sit down properly and focus (with no instruments in the room heh) and fix our eyes on God we need to know what His plan is for the worship ministry and how far He wants to take us down our spiritual journeys individually and together as a ministry. We need to be collectively a lot more prayerful and seeking and humble if we want to grow the ministry and if we want it to be able to reach out to other people as well. Honestly speaking, I don’t think we’re really ready to be up on that stage leading worship, but of course that isn’t feasible because worship is an ‘essential’ part of our program during service. Of course I know very little but that’s what I’m sensing and that’s what I’m feeling. On my part I really need to start praying more for the ministry.

Ah all in all today was a good day 🙂


hate it when my thoughts are so disorganized and when I blank out halfway because my brain fails on me


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