Long week

It’s been a really long and tiring week I haven’t had the time to breathe. Monday to Wednesday was OAC which I really hated I hate camps. Thursday and Friday was Cedar Fiesta prep and it was crazy running around trying to get everything done on time and making sure that everything would go alright (which of course is stupid of us to think so because nothing ever goes right). Saturday was Cedar Fiesta and it was fun but really really tiring. We didn’t get into CGT finals which I found quite sad but it’s fine it’s an experience (I’ll just keep telling myself that). A huge thank you to Mr Ong for treating me to cotton candy and people like pris and vanessa who never fail to comfort me I miss you guys a lot.

Oh well. I’m really looking forward to the March holidays it may just be one week but I really need it now. 

I really hate blogging about my week it feels so superficial ah what the heck


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