Studied hard for maths for the past few days in the end already lost more than 11 marks and then goes my a1 in my best subject. Studied for more than 8 hours for SS turns out I got the lowest mark in class and just passed by half mark. Studied for music for more than 4 hours and left a whole question blank because i didn’t see it and probably didn’t do well for it either.

Finished music test and decided to walk out to the bus stop to take a bus back and the rain conveniently started to fall at that time causing my socks and shoes to be soaking wet. Walking out to the bus stop and a bus ran over the paddle and I got drenched. Took so long for the bus to come and then my earpiece decided to be a bitch and stopped working 4 times throughout the whole bus ride back. And just as I freaking boarded the bus the rain decided to stop.

Come back home to a family who doesn’t even care about my existence. Just to realize that my sister finished eating my ice cream which i was in dire need of because I need comforting. And now I am not comforted I am really agitated it’d be best to stay away from me today.




and furthermore i’m still sad at the fact that my own batch and cg who grew up with won’t even support me


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