I guess this time I’m really alone. I know everyone’s just telling me that you’ll never be alone because there will always be someone that understands but I am alone right at this moment because I know that no one really understands my situation. In fact, I don’t think I myself understand what I’m going through.

I hate being like a toy to you and you just throw me aside when you don’t need me anymore.

I hate how I’m making such an effort and everyone doesn’t seem to care.

I hate all the comments that are coming my way because they hurt me more than you’ll ever know because I’m too afraid to speak out.

And I especially hate the disgusting person I’ve become over the past few weeks just because of you.

I don’t know what to do anymore I guess I’m just going to start exploring my options again.

I might not ever go back and I really hope that you know it’s because of you. story of my life now.


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