Parks. Today my dad brought our whole family to parks and it reminded me again of how much i detest parks when they are all crowded and it is sometime late in the afternoon and the sun is glowing.

Firstly, I detest parks because everywhere you turn you see a couple. It could be a new couple, it could be the people that have been married for the longest time. Nevertheless, these people always serve as a reminder to me that I am worthless and unlovable. Yes I know it is wayyyy too young for me to start thinking about having a relationship (ha!) but then again it’s hard to imagine that anyone could possibly like me. Here again is my insecurities but really. Me? Come on you can do much better than that.

Secondly, I detest parks because of all the little kids. I’m not one to coo over little kids and babies and all I think that they’re cute from a distance but kids usually bother me. I will admit it now I’m not at all a kid person although I can teach. Hmmm.

Thirdly, I detest parks because of all the noise that there is. You can’t think straight with so many things happening around you because my blank empty mind is easily distracted and easily wanders. Walking through the park on a busy day is just a waste of time unless you’re exercising because you will not gain any insight. None at all.


But then again I love parks when it’s all quiet and all dark and I’m all alone. Because then I truly start to appreciate the nature around me and I get to have some time alone to think about everything that’s happening in my life, which to me is really important but that can wait until another post.

For now bye 🙂

oh no i’m a wordpress noobie where is my picture of a park.


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