late night (not really) thoughts

I was just looking through my collections of letters just now and I came across this statement from my friend.

“Steph, how do you always stay happy!”

I guess I can truly say I’m not forever happy. I mean come on I complain on a daily basis (more than the average if I’m not wrong) and I do go into those ’emo’ moods and not want to talk about anything. But I guess to achieve happiness really isn’t impossible.
I guess I find joy in helping people. Something about knowing that you’ve provided for another person emotionally and mentally, (be it through advice or just listening to people) really cheers me up. I guess in a way it is uplifting to see people smile because of you, and it is also kinda brings joy to you when you see that your opinions on a certain matter is taken into serious condition and actually worth something (but then again I guess this is just for stupid insecure people like me)
I guess another way to be really happy is to find joy in Christ. I mean look at Him. suffered through so much and he really didn’t complain at all (well except when he was dying and shouting to his Father, but come on he was dyingggg). I guess another way to be really happy is to center yourself in Christ and forever depend on Him. It sounds so easy but really it isn’t easy at all.
But well I guess until I’m fully centered in Christ, I’ll settle on less complaining and more helping and smiling šŸ™‚


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