spoilt brat of God’s kingdom

Imagine this if you will.

Me: Hey Dad can I have some money?

Dad: Not until you do __________ and don’t forget your please and thank you.

And then I’ll go to do whatever it is I’m supposed to do, and my dad hands me the money and I say thank you.

Then think about this

Me: God can you answer all my prayers and give me success and riches and whatever else I want and whatever else I want?

God: Here it is, everything that you possibly want and need I will give you according to my will because my love for you is so vast and immeasurable and I want to bless you. (Although God will probably not say that because I mean He is humble and all, right?)

And then I walk away and don’t thank Him and I only go back when I need something else.

Yes, I’m a spoilt brat of God’s kingdom. And no, I’m not proud of it.


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